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Every day, your body is exposed to toxins and even parasites, and the latter are always in your body to begin with. The strength and integrity of your immune system determines how well you fight them off and stay healthy. Another challenge you face each day is fending off the effects of acute and chronic stress. Couple that with quality of sleep and your diet, and you are walking a tightrope. That’s why you need to explore and learn more about Diatomaceous Earth, a natural supplement.

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth Information

Ever since Diatomaceous Earth (DE) was discovered over 100 years ago, science has found hundreds of uses for it. But today we’re only concerned with detoxification, internal cleansing, and controlling parasite populations. Each year, more research is validating claims everyday people have experienced for decades. Food grade DE properly used can remove waste, parasites, and toxic bacteria in your intestinal tract.

The mechanism by which DE cleans and detoxifies your body is relatively simple. Imagine flushing out your entire gastrointestinal tract with a gentle scrapper. DE makes its way through your system in exactly that manner. It does not harm your body as it’s performing this action. This is not a chemical action at all, in fact it’s purely mechanical.

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth Natural Probiotic

So the exact sequence of events is your GI tract is scrubbed clean, and that allows you to eliminate all that toxic debris. You’ve achieved the internal cleansing benefits which is in effect also detoxifying your body. What you should then do is eat healthy foods that are probiotic and those that have prebiotic qualities.

Probiotics are those foods containing fermented ingredients such as yogurts, for instance. Probiotic bacteria are the healthy kind your body needs to digest foods and wastes. A healthy body contains larger populations of these beneficial bacteria than harmful strains. And foods that contain prebiotic foods, such as kiwifruits and many others, will provide nutrition to the healthy bacteria.

The same action described above for cleansing your body applies to reducing populations of parasites and other unhealthy bacteria. Diatomaceous Earth is millions of years old, and it’s the fossil remains of prehistoric algae. The fossil remains are hard and bear resemblance to the crushed shells of the algae. And that is the property that makes it gently abrasive to human tissue. Yet at the same time it’s deadly to bacteria, parasites, and internal fungus such as the yeast, Candida albicans.

When these microscopic organisms encounter DE in your body, they are literally sliced, diced, and no longer pose a threat to your body. DE has other mechanisms of eliminating harmful organisms, as well. Also, DE really does not discriminate when it comes to microscopic organisms in your body. That’s why it’s important to replenish your system with healthy bacteria found in probiotic foods.

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth Natural Detoxifies

There are many other positive and healthy benefits found in Diatomaceous Earth. The mineral Silica is the predominant component that confers positive support to you. And that’s another reason and manner in which you can help your body help itself. DE can seem to be a super hero in the most natural way. It deserves your attention if you want to boost your health and immune system.

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