Human-Grade Diatomaceous Earth Supplement

Detox Cleanse Lose Weight

Hey, folks. I am grateful for the pleasant opportunity to present and introduce you to Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth. If you’ve never heard of it before or used it for weight loss or for increased health, natural, pure, ancient; diatomaceous earth is becoming one of the most sought after systemic detoxification and cleansing supplements available.

Human-Grade Diatomaceous Earth Uses

Most people think of that and they think of something they either put on their garden to stop bugs, or they think it might be in their pool filter. What a lot of people don’t realize is it is an incredible supplement, a food source that you can eat, as long as you get the food grade version. It basically is 89% silica (nature’s miracle mineral).

You may have heard of it for a lot of different types of health cures. It’s good for joint pain. It’s good for back pain. It’s good for your bones. It’s good for your hair, your teeth, and your skin. It will cure up bad skin. It will help repair joint pain if you’ve got sore knees, if you’ve got sore elbows. For myself, I have a bad knee, and the diatomaceous earth has been incredible for it.

Human-Grade Diatomaceous Earth For Weight Loss

What a lot of people haven’t heard is what it can do for weight loss. That was a surprising side effect for me. I was taking it for my knee, and I’m like, “Hey. I’m noticing that I’m losing weight faster.” I was trying to lose a few more pounds, and it seemed like it sped up, and I realized it was the diatomaceous earth doing it.

Basically, the diatomaceous earth, when I looked into it some more and found out why, it aids in food conversion. It helps your body maximize the conversion of what you eat, so that you are getting maximum amount of food value out of it. It helps keep your bowels clean. It helps keep you regular.

People that take diatomaceous earth always report regular bowel movements, which is very important. It’s very important to keep your body and your intestines and your colon and everything clean and everything coming out properly because then you are not going to build up and have an excess of toxic material in your body. The waste that’s in your body is meant to come out, and due to a lot of poor diets and a lot of things like that, a lot of times it gets built up in there.

Diatomaceous earth works great. A lot of people are spending a lot of money on things like colon cleansing and things like that to keep themselves cleaned out and healthier. Diatomaceous earth will do that for you, without having to spend all that extra money. It’s very cheap. It’s not a patented vitamin pill or anything like that. So you’re not spending a lot of money on it. It’s very inexpensive. It’s between $10 and $20 for several kilograms of it.

Human-Grade Diatomaceous Earth Dosage

You only need to take a teaspoon or two a day. You can take a little more if you want, if you do have some problems with joint pains or other things that you want for health reasons to take it. A tablespoon, couple of teaspoons a day is all you need. You’re going to notice it’s going to boost your weight loss.

It helps in increasing your metabolism, so you’re burning off fat faster. It helps clean out your system, keeps you regular, keeps your bowels, your colon and all that clean. It’s basically just a really awesome weight loss aid. It doesn’t cost much. It’s very healthy.

Silalive Silica Supplement

It’s 89% silica. Your body needs it to assimilate calcium to make calcium for your bones and everything, your hair, your fingernails, all those things that your body needs calcium for. So it’s really a fantastic supplement.

It has some other fantastic properties, like detoxing your body. It will help draw out any heavy metals in your body, such as mercury or things like that you’ve accumulated over time. It will help encapsulate and draw out viruses and things like that. It’s just all-around a really healthy thing to take. You probably, if you take it for weight loss, will find yourself noticing some other health benefits. You will be like, “Hey, wow. Look, this is doing that too.”

It’s a really cost-effective supplement, not only for the weight loss, but you’re probably going to find that it’s going to increase something else, as far as your health, an aspect or an area of your health that you hadn’t thought of. Whether your hair gets fuller and shinier, whether your fingernails are harder and look better and healthier, just a lot of different things it can do.

I actually have a list here of different things that many people have reported that it does. It decreased mortality, digestive aid, better hair, shinier hair, colon cleanser, better overall health. It reduces the odor in feces. It is good for your hair, your teeth, your gums, your bones, your joints, your nails, your skin.

Silica Anti Aging

It clears up skin for a lot of people who have skin problems. Lowers your cholesterol, stimulates your metabolism as I discussed, so you get higher energy and better fat burning. That’s awesome, especially number one, if you’re looking for it for weight loss, right there is a key thing. It’s a natural diuretic, somewhere in the neighborhood of 25% to 40%. That’s a good thing because it’s keeping your system flushed and, again, scavenging things out of your system that aren’t supposed to be there.

As I mentioned before, it can regulate your bowels, keep your colon clean, which often people find also ends up alleviating back pain. That’s a huge thing right there too.

Human-Grade Diatomaceous Earth Silica

Also, silica can help diabetics and can help with diabetes, by promoting synthesis of the elastase inhibitor from the pancreas. Again, another huge thing if you’re a diabetic or you have a tendency toward diabetes in your family, not only is this going to help you for your weight loss, it’s going to help protect you and help keep things healthy that way.

Check it out. Look around in your area at food supply stores, natural health food stores, things like that. You basically should be able to find it in bulk. As I said, it’s a couple kilograms. It can range between $10 and $20. It’s usually quite cheap. Make sure you get the food-grade, fresh water stuff. Try it out, folks.

Thanks for tuning in. We will be back soon, at Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth, with some more tips and advice on weight loss and increasing your health and just weight health synergy, the synergy of the two of them and how to make life just better all around.

Thanks, folks. Oh, almost forgot, I was going to show you how I take this stuff. It’s basically, I guess you could take a mouth full if you want, but it’s a very fine powder. I usually take about a tablespoon. Let’s say that much there. I put it in about a half glass of water. I don’t know what that is. That’s an 8 ounce glass of water. I just dump it in there. Stir it up like that. It’s very fine, so you see a little bit of the powder coming off of it. That’s basically it. It’s very tasteless. It’s not offensive to eat. It’s easy to take and huge health benefits from it. Check out diatomaceous earth, folks. Talk to you soon.

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