Food Grade DE vs. Industrial Grade DE

Diatomaceous Earth is one of nature’s most amazing substances, which possesses a variety of uses and benefits. It can be consumed by humans or animals, used on gardens, or as a filtering agent. However, there are two kinds of DE so your intended use will depend on which grade DE you need.

Non-Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

Industrial grade DE is the first type of DE. Industrial DE is mostly used by large scale farms as an insecticide and insect repellant. Industrial grade DE is much more potent than the other grade DE called food grade DE, so it is important to handle with care.

DE is a natural drying agent, so make sure to use gloves and a mask when handling industrial grade DE. Otherwise your hands can become incredibly dry and your throat can become dry and itchy from the dust. It may be a good idea to wear eye protection as well, just to ensure no diatomaceous earth powder irritates your eyes.

Industrial grade DE can still be used by homeowners in their own personal gardens. Simply sprinkle on DE on your soil and plants and you can reduce the amount of pests and parasites in your garden. DE slices open the bodies of insects causing them to dry out. They are then either forced to leave or to stay and die. Since industrial grade DE is an even more potent drying agent, it is an extremely effective insecticide.

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

The second type of DE is called Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth. Food grade DE is the type of DE that humans can consume for any number of the many benefits of DE. While DE is not approved by the FDA for human consumption, DE is still considered safe for humans to consume on a regular basis. Plus, there are no reports of any serious medical problems as a result of DE use, which further affirms its’ safety.

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth Dosage For Humans

Most humans take about ¼ to ½ a cup per day with food or a drink. This is a high enough amount to reap the many benefits of food grade DE. Some of the most common benefits of food grade DE include: weight loss, lower blood pressure, improved skin health, stronger bones, nails, and teeth, improved digestion, regular bowel movements, improved absorption of nutrients, plus many more.

Food grade DE can also be given to pets or livestock as a natural de-wormer. DE slices and cuts up the bodies of worms, effectively killing them and removing them. It can take up to 60 days to fully rid an animal of worms, but DE can remove the worms and any eggs the worm laid, making it an effective natural way to get rid of worms. Food grade DE can also be coated on house pets to protect them from parasites like fleas or ticks as well.

These are the most common uses for the types of DE. Make sure you carefully choose which grade is right for you, depending on your intended use. Doing so will ensure you don’t waste you money and stay safe in the process.