Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth Weight Loss

Diatomaceous Earth is a weight loss aid that also improves overall health. Digestive discomfort is one of the things people first recognize about their health on a daily basis. In fact, digestive health affects the entire body. A healthy digestive tract can lead to improved overall health, energy, and quality of life. When the intestines do what they are designed to do, efficiently and without being clogged by wastes and toxins, the whole person benefits. A person with healthy intestines is a person with low blood pressure, low cholesterol, no joint pain, healthy bones, smooth skin, lustrous hair and healthy finger and toe nails.

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth For Health Needs

Diet determines health, and while most people try to eat healthy, they may need a natural supplement promote ideal intestinal function. Food-grade Diatomaceous Earth is a natural powder that comes from the earth. Millions of fossilized diatoms form a fossil flour that has no taste or aroma. People take two tablespoons of Diatomaceous Earth every day in liquid, and they experience increased energy, freedom of movement, freedom, from joint pain, and they look years younger than they are.

The tiny grains of Diatomaceous Earth scour the walls of the small and the large intestine. Because each grain is so absorbent, toxins and residual drugs are removed through passive contact as natural peristalsis moves the grains through the digestive tract. The unique shape of diatoms make Diatomaceous Earth a physical detoxification agent as well as a chemical organic detox agent. Each diatom is a tiny, cylindrical, ridged tube that can safely remove residual waste remaining against the intestinal walls.

How To Lose Weight With Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

Plaques of decaying vegetable matter and animal fats can form on the walls of the colon. As these press against the colonic walls, they impinge on each muscle’s motility, slowing the easy movement of fecal wastes to the rectum. In a self-perpetuating cycle, colonic motility decreases as impactions build up. The pressure can be so great that the wall of the colon bulges, causing a diverticulum.

The amount of waste that remains in the colon depends on how well the colon functions. Optimally, the human colon should be clean and pink when viewed through an endoscope. Doctors find that persons with diseased colons have significant accretions, some of them old enough to form fecal stones. One way to ensure having a healthy colon is to consume Diatomaceous Earth daily.

People who regularly incorporate Diatomaceous Earth as part of their daily routine report losing weight. This can often be attributed to the gentle shedding of the accumulated waste in the colon. Improved regularity and stool formation are an often reported benefit of food-grade Diatomaceous Earth consumption. With a healthy digestive system, energy increases and people who couldn’t walk a mile find themselves running marathons.